Yogaksha Retreat


We at Bouddha Retreats felt that everyone at one time needs a way to empower themselves. This retreat descends culminating in the essence of the Yoga and Akasha Healing system. After forest therapy, we were realizing the need for more time to really bringing significant and clear change in consciousness and actions. Yogaksha retreat aims to help participants tap into their best potential for being the one we would love most to be.

Meditation on the lap of the Himalayas


In this Transformational Retreat, participants will be introduced to the processes that can unleash the potent power of transformation which resides in everybody. Yogic asanas will be exercised to open up the joints and body channels to let the energy flow. Then, participants will be taken on a nature walk to reconnect with nature. The further process will be followed by powerful mantras and breathing exercises leading to detoxification of body-mind, which will help participants go in deep meditation. The retreat can be organized on one or more nights according to your needs.

Nature Walk


  1. It rejuvenates the bodymind leading to calmer and more resourceful state of bodymind needed for transformation
  2. It connects you with nature and become able to harness the potent power of oneness with nature
  3. It opens up the energy channel to receive the grace and the blessing of universe showering upon us every moment.
  4. It helps to establish connection with your higher mind, so that your being and action becomes print of the larger whole in it.
Yoga on the lap of the Himalayas