Shree Meditation


Most of the time, people get into meditation without cleaning their physical and emotional blockages, which does not allow the meditation to grow deeper. Shree Meditation was initiated keeping this in mind so that people can access deeper states of meditation with enough cleansings.


Shree Meditation is a process designed to discover and empower yourself. As the name suggests, Shree meditation comes with the word “Shree”, which refers to the first or the revered ones. So, Shree Meditation is designed for the person who wants to get the taste and benefits of meditation for the first time.


In 4 days program, for 2 hours each day, participants will be led into deep cleansing processes. A combination of Breathing Exercises, Mantras, and Yoga Asanas will be done by looking at an individual’s needs to create the foundation for deeper meditative growth.


Shree Meditation affects our system into five bodies/ koshas as:

The 5 bodies on our human system
  1. Yoga Asanas: When we do Yoga Asanas, we strengthen our physical body (Anandamaya Kosha) and make it aligned flexible and agile.
  2. Breathing Exercises: With some breathing exercises, it opens and clears the blockages in our energy body, making a perfect ground for deep meditation.
  3. Mantras: Then, we produce specific vibrations through Chanting Mantras, which gives focus and lessens the thought rate, calming our Mental Body (Manomaya Kosha).
  4. Meditation: After all the cleansings, we go deep inside ourselves and explore the dimension of peace and stillness, called as meditation, which opens your Wisdom Body (Pranamaya Kosha) and makes your intuitive abilities better.
  5. Blessing: After being in meditation, your whole system becomes calm and peaceful and is ready to receive the blessing from the universe, which opens your Bliss Body ( Annamaya Kosha), and thus the experience of bliss and oneness happens.


  1. It cures depression, anxiety disorder and all kinds of mental health issues
  2. It boosts your energy level leading to higher productivity and makes your life more exuberant.
  3. It cleanses your bodymind in physical, emotional and spiritual level making yourself ready for deeper transformation.
  4. It makes your mind and body open and healthy.
  5. And the most important, It spreads genuine smile on your face.
A group of students from Netherland, after Shree Meditation