Self Healing


As the world is making tremendous progress with technology and the economy, we now see our lifestyle, social life, career, and schedules have started to grow more with a span of time; which is at a times is overwhelming. I wonder when is the better time to take a pause and pay attention to ourselves and notice that our heartbeat is changing, the level of the oxygen we take has decreased, our body language has stopped radiating the spark of joy and happiness, this is the time we take your permission to invite you to take a little step out of your busy schedule and immerse into a process of Inner Healing and Empowerment.

A profound philosopher once said, “All change starts from within”. So, its time to turn and reverse our attention inside to ourselves from where self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, self-love oozes out, and we get in touch with it and, we could start creating new inspiring beliefs to tap into our true potential. This is something we all already know, deep inside, and something we could gift ourselves; as we are the only one available who is responsible to change our life starting from this moment. Let’s start with self-healing and open possibilities for happiness, clarity, authenticity, and higher intuition.

Self Healing Session to the staff of Tilganga Eye Hospital, Kathmandu


As we move towards strategies on how do we get in touch with powerful self-healing, We as humans have a wonderful instrument that we call the mind. The mind gives us the power of imagination and projection of thoughts and we have on the other end-energy in motion or emotions. So we start aligning the power of imagination with the power of intention making energy flow smoothly. This is done in a specific way and you might move in the space of bewilderment and surprise about millions of possibilities from reducing stress and anxiety to activating the law of attraction for manifesting positive situations and results.


  2. Open Awareness
  3. HOPONOPONO Technique for Mental Health
  4. Emotional Freedom Technique
  5. Open Awareness with Gratitude
  6. Anchoring
  7. Violet flame meditation


In years of experiences working in sessions, workshops, and retreats, we have seen the human mind being strengthened as the ‘Mind’ is complex to understand but, the most positive thing is these processes are purely organic and we are not using tranquilizers or medicine. Thus, the mind is like a ‘Theater’, where we can always create amazing experiences here. We might encounter peoples mind which loves to complicate things and make process challenging however for us as a trainer, it is just another episode of resistance and we are all in the safe space of creation and its infinite power. 

Self Healing Session to the staff of Tilganga Eye Hospital, Kathmandu