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Bouddha Retreats exists with the belief of creating a new society, where the pressure of stress becomes treatable to people. We introduced forest therapy after training ourselves intensely in the healing system like Reiki, Akasha. We have conducted more than 50 successful forest therapy sessions. We have received great feedback from the participants and we would like to offer the forest therapy process to interested ones ahead of.

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Forest therapy is rooted in the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, which is often translated as “forest bathing.” But it’s not a literal bath; the term refers simply to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest.


The Forest Therapy Coach will help you to connect with nature through many activities which include asking permission to enter in the forest, then walking with awareness, bare-foot walk, talking and hugging with trees elemental cleansing process. As the session develops, energy balancing through Akasha System takes place and culminates with walking out of the forest in a calm, relaxed and resourceful state of mind and body.



  1. Reduces your stress: Yoshifumi Miyazaki, a professor at Chiba University in Japan, has been researching the benefits of Forest Bathing since 2004 and has found that leisurely forest walks yield a 12.4 per cent decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol, compared with urban walks. Participants in his studies have also anecdotally reported better moods and lower anxiety.
  2. Improves your connection with nature & everything: In today’s life, we remain disconnected with nature and the larger cosmos. That leads to loneliness and feeling of being separate. Forest therapy in a way helps to connect you with the nature and the cosmo making you feel that you are connected with everything.
  3. Frees your creativity: In one study by David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, participants saw a 50% improvement in creative problem solving after three days immersed in nature with all access to modern technology removed.
  4. Boosts your immune system: Trees and plants emit ‘phytoncides’ which we breathe in when we spend time in the forest. These have been proven in studies by Qing Li, a Japanese shinrin yoku researcher, to enhance the activity of Natural Killer cells that help our bodies to fight disease.
  5. Reduces High Blood Pressure: Forest Bathing has been proven to reduce blood pressure, a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy heart. A recent meta study in Japan reviewed 20 trials, involving 732 participants, which demonstrated that blood pressure levels in the forest environment were significantly lower than those in the non-forest environment.
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We welcome all of you to experience the beauty of Forest Therapy and get relaxed, calm, and peaceful within. For company or group sessions, you may send the proposals at