Emotional Well Being Session

It is an initiative for creating a society where people live emotionally healthy life. It is a discovery where life is nurtured by peace, joy, happiness, and bliss while bringing these states in day-to-day interaction and communication of life which further leads to an empathetic environment.

Our life in these times of Globalization is going through a great rush, and we are busy meeting the daily needs and demands of our life. It’s also easy to get anxious with a lot of things to do, whereas the limitation of time has bonded us and we really must choose to be careful about what to do and where to focus our energy, and what do we want to create on life.

Emotional Well Being is important, as emotions are an important aspect of our life. As we learn to appreciate and nurture our emotions, we know how to be more aware of our true feelings, right? We also learn ways in which we can easily let go of unwanted emotions through the practice of ‘Open Awareness’. When we learn to build conscious relationships with our emotions, we start to eventually generate the emotions that, we need most for accomplishing any task or conducting our day-to-day life-work.

Emotional Awareness and Well Being when nurtured carefully can lead to a great family and social life. It also becomes easy to be authentic and expressive of emotions which further helps to maintain good rapport with whomever with whom we interact.

There could be questions like how could we really learn to create Emotional Well-Being. There are many ways to discover, in which we could balance and restore our emotional vigor. At Bouddha Retreats, we practice through different Therapies, Mindfulness & Empowering Sessions, work on the Model of Mind, Changing Values, Affirmations and Meditations.

“What if creating change in emotional level is scary? One mustn’t play with the emotions and be careful in life”. There could be numerous thoughts like these in our mind and often time it stops us from facing our true feelings which is also a part of life. When we let our emotions actually teach us and as we learn from them and then, eventually we could let go of these emotions and we rise above them because the unwanted emotions are creating a life of fear and delusions, doesn’t it?

The Processes and Emotional Cleansing Methods taught in this session are safest and you will feel that your ‘Desired State of Being’ is further strengthened by the change created through the process.

Emotional Well Being Sessions to staffs of Tilganga Eye Hospital