Balance Mind, Body and Soul

Located at the heart of the Kathmandu Valley – Enjoy yoga and meditation while observing the beauty of Boudhanath stupa. Learn and practice the tools to balance your body, mind, and spirit to enhance your perception of life and get into the inner journey.



Retreat to Markhu- Reconnecting with Self

Imagine, you are in front of a wide lake covered with wild forests and natural landscapes. As you step forward…

Yogaksha Retreat

Yoga and Akasha Healing


Regular OM Chanting every Saturday from 7:30 am onwards. It’s a community and donation-based session for the welfare of the human mankind.

Forest Therapy

Bouddha Retreats exists with the belief of creating a new society, where the pressure of stress becomes treatable to people. We introduced forest therapy after […]



Hatha Yoga

We have simple Hatha yoga for beginners as hatha yoga focuses on exercises to loosening our joints and strengthening muscles of the body. It also helps to create flexibility in the body and helps the body to be in proper shape and health. The teachers will guide through the experience of the hatha yoga to experience the efficiency of yoga to mind, body and immune system,

Yogakshya Retreats

It is a blend of yoga with akasha healing. It is With the purpose of bringing great experience in health and well-being through mindfulness, meditation, healing, and yoga. we empower the participants in the retreat to contemplate, re-think about their goals and values. This retreat is designed to have a lot of takeaways in meditation, healing, and coaching which is helpful in day to day life of participants to maintain work-life cycle in a balanced manner. All the queries and challenges during the process will be assisted and the participant would be easily guided to bring the revelation worth of having

Ashtanga Yoga

The exercises or the Asanas are performed in the rhythmic moments with breath and includes sun-salutation, Triangular pose as well as the vinyasa flow. This is the Rapid and intense yoga practice designed to enhance the dexterity of physical health. It is a course that takes time and practice before the proper flexibility is built and the body gets in the balance. Asthanga yoga improves the various health conditions and is very beneficial for physical and mental illness.

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Diplove Gautam Yoga Instructor
Diplove Gautam has been learning NLP(Neuro-linguistic programming), Akasha healing and empowerment system.
Santoshi Rimal Yoga Instructor
Santoshi Rimal teaches Asthanga yoga along with her healing background. She is also a full Initiator of Akasha healing and empowerment system.



As I love meditating myself, I really enjoyed forest therapy and other healing processes. I want to be connected with you all. I am feeling thankful that I found you all in the time of need, when I’ve those unnecessary feelings and those fears. Keep motivating !! Lots Of Love!


A Forest Therapy Member

Shivapuri Sesioon

Very interesting my connection sometimes has been not very good but I understood meditations.. I love ho’oponopono.. It makes me feel very well.




Location: Above Himalayan Java, Bodha Stupa, Kathmandu